Visualisation firm TMRW launches virtual tour platform

SpaceWalk platform allows developers to share photorealistic virtual building tours

Visualization company TMRW has launched SpaceWalk, a digital platform that enables property developers to create photorealistic virtual tours of their buildings and share them with potential buyers.

The virtual building tour platform is designed for both indoor and outdoor environments and can be viewed on any device, including mobile.

The navigation is similar to that of Google Street View. The user has a 360-degree view and can move freely while exploring the project from an aerial or eye-level perspective. Design options can also be showcased under different lighting conditions

TMRW gives little information about how the tours are developed, but the software appears to stitch together multiple 360 panorama renderings.

“Now that it has become more difficult with physical meetings, more and more property developers have requested digital tours without a lot of complicated hardware,” says Andreas Landgren, CEO of TMRW. “We researched the market and found no platform that was both easy for the user and showed the objects in a really nice way, so we built SpaceWalk.”

Brookfield Property Partners’ skyscraper One Manhattan West is the first project to employ SpaceWalk. With 67 storeys and 2.1 million square feet, it’s the largest building in the Manhattan West development. Brookfield is using SpaceWalk to demonstrate the offices for potential customers.

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